Includes everything you see here. Swift Springs in the rate of your choice. They are built around the AGX short stroke setup.

These are built on a custom-order basis and nearly any custom spring rate you want are available. Turnaround time for coilover conversions is approximately 2 weeks (often times less).

We can build these coilovers with with spring rates from 150lb up to 400lb's. 

These coilovers come with our drop mount/traction bracket assembly. These allow you to lower the position of the rear lower shock eye for more travel on low cars. They also work as "traction brackets" with 2 positions for the rear lower control arms to help with axle wrap on low RX7's.


  • Your choice of spring rate!
  • Will arrive ready to bolt on!
  • Swift Japan Springs 
  • Includes rear drop mount/traction brackets