The Z is only going up in value. It can be difficult to stomach cutting and welding a super clean chassis to install camber plates, so we wanted to provide a bolt in option that would require no modifications.

These solid upper mounts will bolt directly to the car and give you 1.5 degrees camber adjustment either way, simply by undoing the three stainless button heads at the top and rotating the pillow mounts under the strut tower. 

Fits both front and rear of the car. Price is for a pair of the solid pillow mounts.

These are primarily designed for use with coilovers, but will work with lowering springs as well (but will raise the front of the car by 1/8")

If you are running our T3 coilovers, you'll want to check out our Upper Hat System for 2.5" coilovers as they'll be needed to properly mate these solid pillow mounts to coilovers in the front of the car. 

  • Solid Billet Construction
  • Anodized gunmetal grey
  • Precision Oversized spherical bearings
  • Bearings are Teflon lined and self lubricating
  • Comes with all mounting hardware and new upper nuts for mounting in the strut tower.
  • Machined T3 Logo and camber setting marks
  • Bolt in solution