These are a custom version of our AE86 Power Steering Knuckles. These have the ball joint taper of the AE86, but the 90mm strut spacing of the MA60 Supra and MX73 Cressida.

These would allow you to bolt the struts and brakes from any 90mm strut spacing car onto the AE86. These chassis include, but may not be limited to the following:

TT141 Corona

MA60, GA61, RA60, GA61 Celica/Supra

TA61, TA63 Carina

MX73, GX60, GX61, GX71, GX81 Cressida

MZ10 Soarer

We've seen several people go with the MX73 ang GX60's for the larger brakes, but we can not advise on what struts have the best camber angles/brakes etc....(we only got the MA60 and MX73 for the most part over here in the USA. Check it out your local options and figure out what works best for you.

These are the same length as the power steering models on the outboard setting.

These are also adjustable for postion. The outer position will provide ton's of steering angle and quick steering. The inner postion will allow for every quicker steering and more lock.

Paired with a manual rack, these will provide tons of steering angle!

  • All angles and tapers match the OEM specs for direct fitment.
  • Solid steel construction, 20mm thick! Good luck bending these!
  • All angles and tapers match the OEM specs for direct fitment.
  • All our outer tie rod sets now come with these knuckles standard, as well!
  • Wordy Title, I know! We just call them MA60 Hybrid knuckles at the shop.